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Pacific Northwest Church of God Bishop Pat and Jan Wright

Administrative Bishop
Pat and Jan Wright


Bishop Wright entered the ministry in August of 1980 as a Youth Pastor in Haverhill, Massachusetts, where he served for five years. He then moved to Ayer, Massachusetts where he was Senior Pastor for four years. In September of 1989, he moved to St. Louis, Missouri, as State Youth and Christian Education Director. He has served the Church of God in this position in four other states: Indiana, Pennsylvania, California/Nevada, and Virginia.

 In 2010, Pat joined the Ohio Office to merge two large office to one, retool the District model to a more relational and effective Regional model, and relocate the operation to Columbus.  He has been active in youth ministry speaking in various settings such as local churches, retreats, seminars, youth camps, and Camp Meetings as well as the National Camping Conference, and the National Youth Leaders Association Conference, as well as in the community, serving on various committees and coaching youth sports. He attended West Virginia State College where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Additionally Pat attended UMass-Lowell, Lee University, and most recently the Pentecostal Theological Seminary.  Pat has always been passionate about sports, and the lessons they teach about life, specifically being a Christian. In 2016 he was appointed Administration Bishop for Alaska/BC, and in 2020 the PNW.  He continues to thrive on being the husband of his high school sweetheart, father of Zach and Josh, and Pops to Penny, and Fiona.

Jan was instrumental in the development of small group mentoring strategies in Virginia, and California/Nevada for Youth and Children’s Leaders. She stepped into the role of Women’s Ministries Director of Ohio after the untimely loss of her dear friend and mentor, Jan served as the Media Director of Ohio, as well as taking a significant role in the merging leadership development of the Youth Camping program. She has ministered in Youth Camps, conferences, bible studies, schools, and various seminars and local churches. Her goal is to foster growth, community, and relationship among women in ministry.  Mom to Zach and Josh and “Mia” to Penny and Fiona are her greatest joy.

You may contact Bishop Wright by email, and Jan Wright at

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