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Sandpoint Marketing is excited to partner with the Church of God’s Pacific Northwest Region to give your church an online presence.


You can setup a clean, effective, and professional website for your church with the assistance of Sandpoint Marketing.

  • These sites are made to rank well with Search Engines (Built-in SEO).
  • These are simple sites with no annual hosting and include a professional email address.
  • The customization of your site is limited to keep costs to a minimum.
  • Cost is a one time setup fee of $250.
  • Payment options are available.
  • Custom colors and more sections are available upon request, and costs vary.

Video Walkthrough

4 Reasons for a Website

Step 1 – Register

Fill out and submit our registration form. This will provide us with basic information to develop your website.

Step 2 – Select Your Theme

Browse our sample websites by clicking the images here. After you have registered, use the form to select the theme you like the best.

Each theme includes a header image with fonts and matched color scheme. We have placed various content sections in each sample theme page for illustration purposes, you will customize these in the next step.

Theme 1

Theme 1

Theme 2

Theme 2

Theme 3

Theme 3 Revised

Theme 4

Theme 4

Theme 5

Theme 5

Step 3 – Choose Content Sections

Select any three from the following options:

Step 4 – Provide Content

Provide language, images and other content based on your selections from Step 3:

Welcome/Meet Pastor or About

Provide a welcome statement, and either a brief biography/statement from the church leaders, or a brief “about the church” statement, along with a photo you want displayed.

About Our Church

Provide an “about the church” message, along with a photo you want displayed.

Our Ministries

Provide statements or information for as many as three ministries at your church.

Mission, Vision, Values

Provide any combination of Mission Statement, Vision Statement, or brief Values List

Social Media/Streaming

URL’s and/or Login Credentials for up to three platforms you wish to embed.

Supported Options:

  • Facebook (Meta)
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Zoom

Who We Are (Photo Gallery)

Upload as many as 16 high-quality images (1mb each)

Full Size Map

Provide Login Credentials for your Google Account, or a Google Maps API.

The Full Size Map option replaces the default compact map in each Theme’s footer.

Need More?

If these options are too limiting for your church, and you need greater options and customizations, we are happy to help.  Register here, and select the Customizable Website option at the end of the form.

Our Project Developer will be happy to find out what your needs are and get you an effective and fully customizable website.


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Note: a free email address is included in setup fee
Church Address
Church Address

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