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Randall and Rhonda Parris

Randall Parris

Young adults in our bible colleges need help preparing for ministry. Pastors and leaders throughout the world are hungry for training. In every nation, young people need Jesus. People are desperate for help and hope. I teach, train, preach and serve in Africa, but also Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe; anywhere the Lord opens the door and that I can make a difference.


So, what is Forward Housing? In this part of S.E. Asia, the government will not allow orphans to stay at the orphanage once thy turn 16 years old or graduate from high school. The Church of God is not willing to release these children at risk back into the city streets at such a young age. Our new Forward Housing facility in Yangon City will become home to many older teens. It will be a place they can stay until they are able to learn a social skill or be called into ministry.